About Us

Yes, LYNLY is an acronym. It is also a way of life and our idea about how to run a business.  LYNLY stands for Love Your Neighbor Like Yourself.  We know what it’s like to need assistance with your medical insurance while trying to have a procedure authorized, or needing a prescription filled NOW! We live in houses and know how hard it is to deal with a bad leak from a dishwasher or if a tree is now leaning on your roof after a storm. CALL US.  Yes, even if it’s the middle of the night (call Dov first, if you don’t get him then call Eric).


We are Dov and Eric and we are partners in every sense of the term; with each other and with you, our clients.  The idea of LYNLY is borne out of a desire to work with great clients on ALL areas of insurance.  We love our work, our families and our extra-curricular activities; Golf, Krav Maga, Yoga and ….Cardiovascular DANCING.  We love to have fun, but recognize with what we do, the work has to come first.  Give us a call, come in for a visit, take a class with us or let's get out and play.